nearly 1 in 3 who start do not finish a college degree….

nearly 1 in 3 who start do not finish a college degree….

Why do we act as if everyone needs to go to college? 

There are many reasons why 4 in 10 finish a degree at another school other than their starting school (e.g., community college transfers, changing majors, are a couple of well known reasons.). But the reasons for those 1 in 3 who do not finish at all is perhaps less well understood (probably finances are a significant factor but no data I know of affirms or discounts this assumption). But give the relatively high non-completion rate, it does seem to underscore the idea that college is not for everyone. 

And then there’s this 

Average student loan debt climbed to $29,400 for borrowers in the class of 2012, up from $26,600 for 2011 graduates and $25,250 for 2010 graduates, an annual report from The Institute for College Access & Success shows. Seventy-one percent of 2012 graduates took out loans.  10 Colleges Where Grads Have the Most Student Loan Debt


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