Groups are smarter with women, MIT research shows

Women hold up half the sky…  oh, wait, according to this research, maybe more than  50%


College Degrees May Be Spurring an Epidemic of Underemployment

With a 46% underemployment rate, here’s another argument for a more balanced message at the 9-12 grades; a college degree is not a guarantee for employment. It seems skills not taught and not tested for an the SAT and ACT matter in the world of work.

College doesn’t seem to prepare students for real work
Why is underemployment among the young surging? One problem seems to be that college coursework simply isn’t adequately preparing students for their chosen careers. Both employers and underemployed workers seem to agree this is an issue.

What They Don’t Teach in Middle School: Transition to High School–

This  article speaks about some programs that seek address a problem I see every year as a high school teacher: entering freshmen who are not prepared for the more “rigorous” requirements of high school.  The same can be said of students leaving high school: they are not as well prepared for the rigors of the job market and, increasingly, for the rigors–such as they have become–of post-secondary education. 


Are we sending the wrong message?

I’ve got an ax to grind: why is it that we have all this messaging about college and even programs that divert kids from skill-based classes into classes intended to prepare kids to go to college?

Consider the following:

  • About 20-25% of our kids don’t finish high school. While there are many reasons for this, I wonder if the DNA syndrome is one of them: “if high school is to prepare me for  college and I have no plans/interest in going to college, then high school is DNA–Does Not Apply to me, either.”
  • “The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 20 percent of U.S. jobs require a bachelor’s degree or more. About another 10 percent require some post-high school instruction, including an associate’s degree.” College is not for all
  • Skilled Trades Remain Hardest Job to Fill in U.S. for Fourth Consecutive Year, according to the Manpower Group’s Annual Talent Shortage Survey
  • Four years in college and decades in debt—is it worth it? 
  • “It’s correct that education experts have rarely, if ever, suggested that everyone would go to college. But they’ve created a climate in which going to college is the main or only standard of success in high school. If you don’t go to college, you’re judged second-rate and a failure. From students’ perspective, college-for-all is the reigning ethos. And it’s the students, not the experts, who matter most.” College is not for all



High School Senior Invents Simple Solution to Water Pollution

High School Senior Invents Simple Solution to Water Pollution

Amazing what young minds can create… with a process and research.


water filter


Check out the Intel Science Talent Search (not to be confused with the ISEF which my EDD students must enter)