Is a 4 year degree really necessary?

Is a 4 year degree really necessary?

Associate’s Degrees and Technical Certificates Can Yield More than 4-Year Degrees

Another article trying to place “everyone goes to college” in a more pointed context: There’s no arguing that those with a high school diploma earn more than those without and that those with some post-high school education/training will earn more than those with just a high school diploma. This new research points out something pretty obvious to those who question the “everyone goes to college” brainwashing: some 4 year degrees aren’t worth it, but some 2 year and certificate training can earn more than a 4 year degree.

 Higher education is one of the most important investments people make. The right choices can lead to good careers and good wages while the wrong ones can leave graduates with mountains of debt and poor prospects for ever paying off student loans.


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